Firm Philosophy

Q and A with Attorney Marco Brown, Managing Partner of Brown Law, LLC, Regarding Firm Philosophy, Firm Practice, and a Little About Himself.

Q. What is Brown Law’s firm philosophy?

A. First and foremost, we believe in providing personal, honest legal services. We will sit down with you, talk to you about your situation, learn your goals, and provide you with a straightforward assessment of your case. If you retain us, we will work tirelessly to achieve your goals and protect your freedom. We will be accessible to you when you need us. Second, we believe in giving people value for their money. Because of this, we offer reasonable flat fee and hourly rates.

Q. Why did you become an attorney?

A. I became an attorney because I love the law. Being a lawyer is a dynamic and fun profession that constantly challenges me to improve. And equally important, I enjoy helping people. There is almost no other profession that allows you to help people as does the law.

Q. Why do you practice more than one type of law?

A. First, because practicing more than one type of law makes me a better attorney. If I spend time thinking about the same thing all day every day, my thinking becomes stale, and I lose the ability to think outside the box and come up with new ideas to better help my clients.

Second, I feel compelled to help people through rough patches in their lives. Whether someone is going through a divorce, is experiencing religious discrimination, or is trying to adopt their first child, I can’t help but help.

Q. What are your legal qualifications?

A. Well, they began during my undergraduate work in psychology, when I learned quite a bit about the law concerning psychologists, psychological treatment, and care for the mentally ill. After a successful career helping individuals with mental handicaps, I attended the University of Nebraska College of Law (a tier I law school) and graduated With Distinction. During law school I conducted research for law professors, edited law journal articles, and wrote appellate briefs for a distinguished local law firm. I then clerked for six judges in the Iowa third district (where I wrote numerous judicial decisions, rulings, and orders) before practicing as a litigation attorney for one of the largest law firms in New Mexico. Finally, I opened Brown Law in Salt Lake City, and we have been expanding ever since.

Q. What sets Brown Law apart from other firms?

A. Personal service is probably what differentiates us the most. We pride ourselves on meeting with people, listening to them, learning their goals, and then being available to discuss their case whenever is convenient for them. Additionally, our extensive legal knowledge and aggressiveness, coupled with our very reasonable rates means you get the best representation for a great price.

Q. What are your personal strengths and style?

A. My greatest strengths are attention to detail, legal knowledge, and determination to use all possible legal tools to favorably resolve my client’s cases without the stress and uncertainty of trial. Since the vast majority of criminal defense and family law cases are won long before trial, this approach leads to the best results. Of course, if trial is necessary, my litigation experience and ability to think like a judge (which comes from writing court decisions as a judicial law clerk) make me an extremely effective courtroom advocate.

Q. Tell me about Brown Law’s use of technology?

A. Brown Law harnesses technology in order to increase efficiency and decrease costs for our clients. We run a paperless office, which allows us to access any file, anywhere, at any time. We also utilize technology like skype and email to make it easier to communicate with clients when they are not able to able to travel to our office.

Q. Why do you take religious freedom cases?

A. Because religious freedom is our most important freedom. The denial of religious freedom is the denial of all individual liberty. Without it, all other liberties are meaningless and will eventually disappear.

Q. What are your hobbies?

A. I read, a lot. Usually history, with a smattering of political philosophy and biographies thrown in for good measure. Cooking is another passion, as is opera. (My wife sings opera, so it’s hard not to love it.) And, whenever possible, I pack up my wife and son and go hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon.