Child Pornography (Sexual Exploitation of Minor)

Child pornography is prosecuted in Utah as sexual exploitation of a minor. You may be charged with sexual exploitation if  you:

  • knowingly produce, possess, or possess with intent to distribute child pornography.
  • intentionally distribute or view child pornography.
  • are a minor’s parent or legal guardian and knowingly consent to or permit that minor to be sexually exploited.

Sexual exploitation of a minor in Utah is a second-degree felony. Also, you can be charged separately for each minor present in child pornography, or for each time a minor is included in different different child pornography. This means if you possess only one piece of child pornography, and there are five different minor’s depicted in it, then you can be charged with five separate second-degree felonies: that is up to 75 years in prison.

And these Utah charges may be in addition to separate federal child pornography charges.

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