Domestic Violence in Presence of Child

Domestic violence (DV) is a very serious issue in Utah. There are commissions convened and task forces created to deal with the problem. Utah law grants the police sweeping powers to arrest and jail those suspected of DV. And what is considered even more serious than DV is DV in front of a child.

DV in front of a child is committed when someone tries to:

(1) commit homicide of a cohabitant in front of a child,

(2) tries to inflict serious bodily harm or uses a dangerous weapon against a cohabitant in front of a child, or

(3) commits another act of domestic violence in front of a child.

If someone does (1) or (2), they will be charged with a third-degree felony, otherwise it will be a class B misdemeanor.

At Brown Law, your Utah domestic violence law firm, we will examine if your DV charge is legitimate. We will determine whether the police gathered evidence unconstitutionally, whether a child was actually present, and whether you mee the other requirements of this charge. When we find holes in the State’s case, we will attack them. Call your Salt Lake domestic violence attorney today: 801.685.9999 or 800.299.1016. We offer free consultations, reasonable rates, and are available 24/7 to help you.