Criminal Trespass

Criminal trespass is much more than simply entering onto land that doesn’t belong to you. You can commit criminal trespass if you enter and remain unlawfully on property, and:

  • Intend to cause injury or annoyance to another person or damage property, including graffiting property.
  • Intend to cause a misdemeanor crime while on the property.
  • Are reckless regarding whether your presence will cause fear regarding the safety of another person (e.g., you trespass on school grounds and cause teachers to fear that you’re going to kidnap children).
  • Remaining on property when you have been informed you cannot be on the property (no trespassing signs give notice).

Criminal trespass can either be a class A or B misdemeanor, both of which carry potential jail sentences and fines. Don’t let these charges complicate your life. Call a Utah criminal trespass attorney do defend your freedom.

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