Drug Crimes

What Are the Utah Drug Crimes?

America has been fighting a war on drugs for decades. This war has produced a slew of drug crimes, all meant to destroy anyone caught possessing, manufacturing, or distributing drugs. Here are a few of those specific crimes:

What Are the Possible Punishments?

Punishments for Utah drug crimes vary from low-level misdemeanors to first-degree felonies. (Remember: murder is a first-degree felony.) And with each successive conviction, punishment tends to become more severe. In addition to criminal punishments, Utah drug crime convictions can make it very difficult to rent adequate housing or get a student loan for college. For all intents and purposes, a drug conviction makes you a pariah in Utah.

I’ve Been Charged with a Drug Crime. What Should I Do?

Don’t assume the that problem will go away or that the prosecutor will cut you a deal. Utah takes drug crimes very seriously and they are regularly prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Ultimately, you should hire an experienced Utah drug crime lawyer. Brown Law’s criminal defense team will examine your case in detail, determine if the police gathered evidence unconstitutionally (which they often do) or violated your Miranda rights (which they often do), and then aggressively challenge every aspect of the government’s case. While we strive to resolve your case long before trial, we look forward to defending our clients in the courtroom if necessary.

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