Drug Manufacturing

When you think of drug manufacturing, you probably imagine drug cartels in Columbia producing cocaine in a factory-like setting. Truth is, drug manufacturing is a cottage industry in Utah. There are small-time drug manufacturers all over. Meth houses and weed growing in your basement are prime examples. But, just because it’s common doesn’t mean Utah police and prosecutors don’t take drug manufacturing very seriously.

Depending on the extent of drug production, charges can range from low to high-level felonies. You could spend more time in jail for growing a few marijuana plants than you could for abusing a child. The police don’t mess around with Utah drug manufacturing cases.

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing in Utah, you need an thorough, aggressive Utah drug manufacturing lawyer to defend your freedom. During your free initial consultation, Brown Law’s criminal defense team will discuss your situation with you and formulate a plan to attack the government’s case against you. We will attack how evidence was collected, statements made to police, the credibility of the government’s witnesses, and anything else we can.

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