Drug Sale & Distribution

Like all drug crimes in Utah, drug sale and distribution is prosecuted harshly. Prosecutors can presume you were selling drugs just by amount you had on you at the the time of your arrest. (If you had more than they think one person would use, they assume you were selling.) Since police presume you were selling even if you possessed relatively small amounts of drugs, drug sale and distribution charges are very common.

These charges include very heavy punishments. They are usually prosecuted as felonies, which carry lengthy jail sentences and hefty fines. In addition to the jail sentence, fines, and fees, you may have a hard time finding housing and find it impossible to get a student loan. Don’t let this happen to you. Hire a Utah drug crime lawyer who will defend your freedom.

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During your free initial consultation, Brown Law’s Utah criminal defense team will examine your case in detail and determine if your prescription drug charge is the result of a misunderstanding or the fact you simply were not carrying your prescription at the time the police searched you. We will also determine if the police gathered evidence unconstitutionally (which they often do) or violated your Miranda rights (which they often do), and then aggressively challenge every aspect of the government’s case. While we strive to resolve your case long before trial, we look forward to defending our clients in the courtroom if necessary.

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