Expungement ⎯ Juvenile Records

Expunging your juvenile criminal records seals court and government records so the public cannot access or obtain those records. When an order to expunge juvenile records is entered, government agencies will respond as if the records do not exist. One great advantage of expunging juvenile records is if anyone asks you if you have a criminal record you can respond you did not. Keep in mind, expungement is not automatic, so you will need to specifically ask a court to expunge your records.

Qualifications for Expungement.

Some criteria need to be met before you can expunge your juvenile record, for example:

  • You must be 18
  • 1 year must have passed since juvenile court jurisdiction ended
  • 1 year must have passed since since your unconditional release from custody of the Juvenile Justice Services
  • You must have paid all restitution
  • You cannot have any adult felony or misdemeanor charges pending
  • You cannot have an adult felony conviction
  • You cannot have an adult misdemeanor conviction involving moral turpitude
  • You cannot have committed murder or aggravated murder as a juvenile

Expungement Procedure.

Expunging juvenile records is an involved process. First, you need to obtain a criminal history report so a court knows what records it is expunging. Next, you must petition a court to expunge your records and serve the petition on the prosecutor who originally handled your case. A court will then hold a hearing on the matter. If a court finds you qualify, it will order that your records be expunged. You must then deliver the court order to all state agencies and departments that might have your records. Upon receiving the order, the agencies and departments will seal your record, and, eventually, may actually destroy them after a certain period.

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