Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) is a federal law that protects religious freedom from federal government action. It prohibits the federal government from making laws or rules that substantially burden religious freedom, even if those laws or rules apply to all people without exception. According to RFRA, federal laws and rules that substantially burden religious freedom will be invalid unless they:

(1) are in furtherance of a compelling government interest, and

(2) they are the least restrictive means possible of furthering that compelling interest.

RFRA is a broad law, and protects numerous forms of religious expression. For example, say the federal government wanted to grant a mining lease to a private company, but granting that lease would result in the complete destruction of a Native-American burial ground integral to a tribe’s religious worship. RFRA would likely apply because the destruction of that burial ground would substantially burden the religious worship of the Native-American tribe. Likewise, if the federal government prohibited its employees from praying while they are at work, that rule might well violate RFRA.

Ultimately, RFRA is one of the most useful tools in helping fight against federal government intrusion into people’s religious freedom.

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